Fast cash loans – Loan offers

Money Maker is a lender that provides quick money loans. They receive and approve applications over the Internet.

Loan Offers

Loan Offers

This direct lender offers different types of loan offers, including quick money loans (payday), installment loans and lines of credit. Applying for a Money Maker loan requires a simple online process, and you can expect to quickly access the approved funds.


• Process quite fast and very easy.
• You can use the money for any purpose.
• Repetition of loans easier.


• The maximum loan amount varies by state.
• The loan may not be available in all states.
• You can pay late fees.


• Source of income, verifiable in the states where it is required.
• Checking account valid in your name.
• Two current (and valid) phone numbers.
• Your social security number.
• Must be over 18 years old

Eligibility criteria:

• At least 18 years of age
• A verifiable source of income
• An operating current account
• Two valid telephone numbers
• A Social Security number

Required information:

• Your name, contact information, date of birth and social security number
• Information related to employment, such as your employer’s name and phone number
• Details about your income
• Details about your bank account

Should I ask for a personal loan at MoneyMaker?

Should I ask for a personal loan at MoneyMaker?

This lender is not among the best qualified, according to the opinions of the users. It has received low ratings, which may indicate that customers are not completely satisfied with the service.

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