How to close an account in a bank?

Good Finance Bank does not allow you to cancel your account online. To be able to say goodbye to your account once and for all, you’ll have to bother and leave the house. What do you have to do?

Closing the account at Good Finance Bank


You can close your personal account at Good Finance Bank in two ways:

  • by phone, by calling the helpline,
  • in person by visiting a bank branch.

Cancellation of a card to an account in Good Finance Bank

Cancellation of a card to an account in Good Finance Bank

To block a card to your account, you can:

  • call the card reservation hotline at:
  • go to the nearest Good Finance Bank branch. A list of all branches can be found here: Good Finance Bank branches in Poland.

Warning! The cost of connection is calculated according to the tariff of the given network operator.

Good Finance Bank does not allow the use of an account without a debit card issued to it. After blocking the card you will automatically receive a new one.

Closing an account at Good Finance Bank – in person


If there is a Good Finance Bank branch in your area, then go to it in person. There you will meet a consultant who will help you close your account. Remember that the termination agreement should be made in two copies – one will be in the bank and the other will be for you.

Closing an account at Good Finance Bank – by post


You can also choose option number two, which is to send the notice by post. Make sure it is a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Also use the priority parcel to get it to the bank as soon as possible.

  1. Write an account termination and an account card.
    Remember to put your personal data, address, number, telephone number and account number to which unused funds from the account are to be transferred – be sure to add this information.
  2. Sign the letter with the same signature specimen you gave the bank.
    Warning! If the notice specifies a different signature pattern, your instruction will not be processed.
  3. Send termination to the bank’s address:

Account cancellation at Good Finance Bank – what is worth remembering?


Remember that you cannot opt ​​out of the debit card itself. If you decide to cancel your account, the card will also be automatically canceled. The notice period is 30 days – during this time you will be able to use your account, debit card and online banking.

Does closing the account in Good Finance Bank cost?

In Good Finance Bank, as in all other banks, you will close your account for free. However, remember to leave a few or a dozen dollars on the bill – depending on how much your monthly fees are for them. During the notice period, the bank will still charge you due fees for maintaining and maintaining your account. So if your account balance is zero, you will debit it and your bank will not be able to close it.